Multi Function Cable Certifier and Network Tester

The award winning TestPro CV100 from AEM combines the features of multiple test instruments in a single device.

TestPro CV100 frequency range of 3Ghz covers all cable certifications standards from Cat5e through to Cat8 and beyond. TestPro also certifies multimode and singlemode fibre solutions with the optional fibre adapters or through the K51 and K61 kit options.

Copper Cable Certification Testing
TestPro has a sophisticated RF measurement engine, able to support up to 3GHz frequency range. TestPro supports all mode combination parameters (including TCL), and exceeds the level 2G accuracy specifications for copper certification testing.

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) – TestPro supports testing of SPE cable with hot swappable test adapters

Fibre Optic Certification Testing
TestPro’s Fibre optic measurements provide Tier-1 certification per industry standards as well as customizable limits for both Multimode and Singlemode Fibre Optic premise cabling. Additionally, these adapters include an integrated VFL to provide a quick indication of a break in the wire, as well as an integrated connection port for measuring electrical voltage for hybrid powered Fibre applications in support of smart building initiatives.

Fibre Optic End Face Inspection
Dirty connectors are most common cause for Fibre optic link underperformance. The Fibre inspection feature of TestPro allows you to check the cleanliness of Fibre end faces in both installation and troubleshooting environments.

Scalable and flexible
The TestPro 100 comes with optional detachable adapters that enable a wide variety of test functions to cater to the needs of today’s network infrastructures, as well as to easily scale to cater for future requirements.

Autotest feature
Autotest is the easiest way to ensure that cabling links will support the desired network rate. It is also fast at 6 seconds including all optional test parameters such as TCL, ELTCL, DC Resistance Unbalance, and more.

PoE testing
The AD-NET-CABLE adapter provides comprehensive testing for verifying PoE deployments. It supports all PoE standards including 802.3 af/at/bt and UPOE for reporting of PSE configurationand snf full load testing with reporting of Current/Wattage/Voltage. In addition, it also allows for sustained loading of the PoE source over longer periods to identify hard to find intermittent power drops, through external loads.

Multi-gig Link Speed Qualification
TestPro is capable of validating a link to ensure Ethernet can be supported at 1/2/5/5/10GBASE-T. It can perform SNR measurements while under traffic and PoE load, ensuring confidence that a cabling link will support the desired network rate.

Network Connectivity Testing
TestPro can connect to a live Ethernet network through the 10/100/1000 network interface connector, or via WiFi (Edimax EW-7822ULC Wi-Fi USB adapter required). Once connected, TestPro will auto-discover connected devices on the network. You can Ping any other device to verify connectivity with traceroute and measure latency.

Wi-Fi Testing
TestPro can auto-discover all 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi SSIDs and their associated RSSI values (received power level). This is helpful in discovering Wi-Fi “dead zones” and checking Wi-Fi connectivity with optional Edimax EW-7822ULC Wi-Fi USB Adapter.